Domestic Violence & Abuse and Coercive Control

One Day Workshop

The workshop provides the opportunity for participants to:

  • increase their knowledge base of domestic violence and abuse and its complex nature
  • explores coercive control
  • challenge the myths, stereotypes and social tolerance of domestic violence and abuse
  • understand and define the full spectrum of domestic violence & abuse and abusive behaviours
  • build an understanding of the experiences of victims affected by intimate relationship and community abuse
  • to consider the cycle of abuse, a ‘victim’s journey’ and the reasons why victims stay in abusive relationships
  • consider the impact of domestic violence and abuse and what needs to be in place to leave an abusive relationship

The workshop aims to give participants a sound working knowledge of domestic & sexual violence & abuse and coercive control, and will emphasize the importance of inter-agency collaboration in responding to the needs of victims. The workshop will include the use of a powerpoint, presentation, DVD, case studies, group discussion and self-reflection.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive pack with notes to accompany the training, which can be used for future reference.

This workshop will be useful to anyone who wishes to extend their knowledge and understanding on the dynamics of domestic violence and abuse. Appropriate for practitioners and professionals including those working for voluntary organisations whose role involves working with/supporting women, children and families. Participants who have previously attended, range from Health, Social Services, CYP Services, Children’s Services, Youth Offending & Probation, Housing, Police & legal professionals, Women’s Aid, Counsellors & specific Domestic Abuse Services.

This workshop can also be provided in-house.

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