Children & Domestic Abuse – A Shift in Approach

One Day Workshop

The workshop aims to promote better outcomes for children and young people who have/are living with domestic abuse and to raise awareness of their needs and views to enable practitioners to develop responsive interventions that consider:

  • the effects on children and young people of living with domestic violence & abuse
  • how domestic abuse can be recognised through the responses and behaviour of children and young people
  • how children and young people make sense of their experiences of domestic abuse
  • the coping strategies they may use
  • resilience
  • practical and therapeutic approaches that involve and build on children’s and young peoples own understanding

The workshop will include the use of a powerpoint, presentation, DVD, case studies, group discussion and self-reflection.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive pack with notes to accompany the training, which can be used for future reference.

The workshop is appropriate for multi-agency practitioners, including those working for statutory and voluntary sector organisations that have a sound working knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse and may work directly or indirectly with children and their families.  The workshop underpins safeguarding procedures.

Participants will be expected to have completed some domestic abuse training prior to attending.

This workshop can also be provided in-house.

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