Who’s in Charge? Facilitator Training


Three-day Facilitator Training.

Overall Aims of the Nine Week Programme

  • Reduce parent’s feelings of isolation.
  • Challenge parent’s feelings of guilt.
  • Lessen deterministic thinking about causes (e.g. “he can’t help it.. he has ADHD” or “… he saw his father be violent”) – it is always multi-causal.
  • Reinforce belief in possibility of change (without giving false hope or creating complacency).
  • Clarify boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour (harder than it sounds as there are many grey areas and we need to avoid imposing our own values).
  • Arm parents with some simple concepts that have proved empowering: e.g. entitlement, the power of being irresponsible, etc.
  • Examine strategies for creating meaningful and practical consequences for unacceptable behaviour. The approach of most parenting courses and materials is to assume that children are basically cooperative and only need encouragement and positivity to be good. These approaches usually have failed miserably with the oppositional children of the WiC? parents. Finding consequences for children who care about little and don’t want to cooperate is very difficult.
  • Explore anger, both children’s and (often more usefully) parents’
  • Encourage assertiveness
  • Encourage self-care
  • Reinforce progress and provide emotional support while parents are attempting to become more assertive parents.


  • It is expected that parents will feel less depressed and powerless by the end of the course (evaluation of those who complete the course strongly supports this at two month follow up).
  • It is hoped that the amount of violence and abusive behaviour will decrease in a majority of the families and the majority of group completers do report less abuse (but this depends on many variables that are out of our control and change in children’s behaviour may be a long term consequence of changes in parental behaviour). The majority of parents (about 66%) do report an improvement in their problem child’s abusive behaviour at 2-month follow-up. However, most are still experiencing some verbal abuse and yelling. Changing parents behaviour is part of a long process of change for many.
  • Raise awareness of the issue of violence to parents in the community and in the field.

Child on Parent Violence Talk Radio Interview – 7 August 2019

WIC? Facilitator Training

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Also look at our Child to Parent Violence One Day Workshop.

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This training increased my existing knowledge more significantly, the context of the differences between the Mindmixer and the Charmer! I was able to really develop a strong clarity between different types of behaviours and the impact of such abuse. Very good training!

Escape the TrapCity Teen AdvocateNottingham

Very well delivered!! Great training – would recommend. Lots of our opinions validated and we learnt new ways of looking at the situations our young people face. It was a nice change to have a trainer that could teach us something further about a subject we work with all the time.

Escape the TrapStronger Families Children's WorkerNottingham

Trainer was very good at making me re-think about different styles of delivering Escape the Trap. There is a great mix of exercises, group work and role play. Very good in-depth package. Looking forward to delivering it.

Escape the TrapChildren's Refuge WorkerNottingham

Thank you Cathy! I am looking forward to putting all your hard work into use. Escape the Trap will make a big differenct to the young people in Nottingham.

Children & Teen Advocate Team LeaderNottingham

Escape the TrapChildren & Teen Advocate Team LeaderNottingham

This training was brilliant!! Trainer very knowledgeable, clear, concise and fair. It really enabled me to see abuse through the eyes of a teenager. Thank you Cathy. I am looking forward to delivering the programme.

Escape the TrapStronger Families & Young Voices Team LeaderNottingham

This excellent training has opened my eyes for sure. It helped me realise what a sheltered life I live and took me out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the training. Well done.

Escape the TrapChildren's Refuge WorkerNottingham

The Escape the Trap training has opened my mind to the different types of abuse young women experience and how it differs from adults. Every day ws filled with lots of information.

Escape the TrapYoung Voices Support WorkerNottingham

Escape the Trap training has so incresed my awareness of the way teens will perceive their relationships and the barriers to seeking support.

Escape the TrapChildren & Teen Advocate Support WorkerNottingham

The training has really helped me to learn how to deliver the Escape the Trap programme. Cathy was really good at delivering the training and keeping us all on track with the learning.

Escape the TrapChildren & Teen Advocate Support WorkerNottingham

Escape the Trap training gives you an in depth look at teen abusive relationships. It has greatly impacted my awareness and I feel more confident working with young people.

Escape the TrapChildren & Teen Advocate Support WorkerNottingham