The Freedom Programme Facilitator Training


Freedom Programme Facilitator Training

The Freedom Programme was originally designed by Pat Craven in 1999, to address the abuser’s tactics and behaviours. It the examines the perceptions held of who is to blame for the violence & abuse by considering the beliefs of the abusing partner, the victim and society at large. It further explores the impact & effect on victims and their children, warning signs and what constitutes a ‘healthy’ partner. The programme provides a window of opportunity to explore these issues in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental forum enabling women to develop their own support network, alleviating their sense of isolation.

This an intensive three-day training, which explores the programme in full and provides an in-depth insight into domestic and sexual violence and abuse. It enables practitioners to run an 11/12 week programme which raises awareness and knowledge for victims/survivors about abuser behaviours, tactics and beliefs.

Training is suitable for any practitioners, statutory & voluntary, working with victims of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, including family support practitioners, CYP services, housing associations, tenency support, IDVAs, police, refuge & outreach staff, probation, health visitors, midwives, school nurses, therapeutic services, legal services, CAB, pastoral staff, support groups, community groups and those working with vulnerable adults and children.

It is not intended that every participant of the training become a facilitator. This training is equally useful to those working in a one to one capacity. Support will be given within the training on how to set up a group programme as well as using the Homestudy book.

This training can be provided in-house for a minimum of 10 persons. If you would like to access a multi-agency training please go to the Events page for future dates. For further information on this training, please contact Cathy directly via the Contact page.

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This training was thorough in identifying relationships from both the perpetrator, victim and child.

Nottingham CC

I enjoyed the three day training. It has made me more aware of how living with a dominator can really be. I have worked with women who have been in these situations and the Freedom Programme has given me a broader insight from both sides – victim and perpetrator.


This course was very well facilitated and I am very aware of of the dynamics of abuse. The trainers were very knowledgeable and empathic enabling reflection. I feel so inspired to make a difference.


This programme has changed my clients and friend’s lives. I really enjoyed the three days and ideas in how to deliver the programme.


Hounslow BC

I have gained so much more insight into the beliefs, views and actions of the abuser and the feelings, beliefs, views and actions of victims.



A heavy subject matter delivered in a heartfelt manner.



Even though I am a professional with years of experience I have learned so much in three days and reflected on my practice. I felt supported and appreciated how the trainers encouraged a safe learning environment.


Ealing BC

Really informative and personable trainers who were approachable, funny and knowledgeable. They have helped me immensely with how abuse impacts victims and how to work with them without re-traumatising them.


Your SanctuaryWoking

Excellent programme and excellent tutoring. The trainers contributed a lot always able to bring the tools needed to process the programme content and delivery.


A very interesting and thought provoking training. I am so much more aware.


Houghton CCBeds