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This training was thorough in identifying relationships from both the perpetrator, victim and child.

Nottingham CC

I enjoyed the three day training. It has made me more aware of how living with a dominator can really be. I have worked with women who have been in these situations and the Freedom Programme has given me a broader insight from both sides – victim and perpetrator.


This course was very well facilitated and I am very aware of of the dynamics of abuse. The trainers were very knowledgeable and empathic enabling reflection. I feel so inspired to make a difference.


This programme has changed my clients and friend’s lives. I really enjoyed the three days and ideas in how to deliver the programme.


Hounslow BC

I have gained so much more insight into the beliefs, views and actions of the abuser and the feelings, beliefs, views and actions of victims.



A heavy subject matter delivered in a heartfelt manner.



Even though I am a professional with years of experience I have learned so much in three days and reflected on my practice. I felt supported and appreciated how the trainers encouraged a safe learning environment.


Ealing BC

Really informative and personable trainers who were approachable, funny and knowledgeable. They have helped me immensely with how abuse impacts victims and how to work with them without re-traumatising them.


Your SanctuaryWoking

Excellent programme and excellent tutoring. The trainers contributed a lot always able to bring the tools needed to process the programme content and delivery.


A very interesting and thought provoking training. I am so much more aware.


Houghton CCBeds

Everyone should do this course – women, men, children. The fearlessness and honesty about the misogyny in society was brilliant and essential. The trainers literally could not have been better with their energy, humour, passion and positivity.


St Albans

Doing the 3 day Freedom Programme training has given me all I need in terms of knowledge, skills and resources to deliver a programme for victims in my local area. A very comprehensive, well delivered and underpinned training. The trainers were very knowledgeable, experienced and funny! Thanks both.


Dovers Green School CC Redhill, Surrey

The programme really opens your eyes. Even if you don’t go on to present the course the information/knowledge and training you gain will help you have a better understanding within your work.


ThePrison Service

Excellent course. Gained a lot of knowledge from attending the training. The trainers were approachable and willing to discuss any questions and encouraged everyone to take part.


Amazing training with incredibly knowledgeable trainers who supported and shared their experiences to support us. It was an interactive training that allowed us to explore the programme. Just amazing!!


Action for ChildrenSouth Buckinghamshire

Very effective training. Excellent trainers who gave clear insight. I was a victim, I am a survivor and being able to offer other women this insight, maybe they can survive too!

Burhill CCSurrey

Brilliant training. Exhausting but well worth it!



The Freedom Programme training opened my eyes to what some women go through and will help me enormously in supporting women. The trainers were both very open providing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you.

Chandlers Field SchoolSurrey

I have much more awareness of the cycle and process of abuse, types of abuse and felt supported in the learning by the trainers.


Stockport Homes

I gained an awareness of the tactics and beliefs of an abuser and how to raise awareness of this amongst survivors of abuse. The trainers gave fantastic insight into the practicalities of running a group and really supported us through the parts of the training we found tricky or emotionally difficult.


The Rise TrustNorth Wiltshire

Very good training. I really enjoyed the three days. Brilliant trainers who ensured understanding. The practice to facilitate was invaluable.



Fantastic training and programme full of discussion which has increased my awareness. I feel all professionals should attend – police, judges etc.


If you are considering whether or not to do this training – DO IT! You will not regret it. This training has given me a focus on the process of DV. The trainers were knowledgeable and shared their skills. Good to see a sense of humour!


This was a large training of 42. However, there were lots of people with diverse roles learning together. I have increased sensitivity to how a victim may be feeling and how hard it could be for a victim to identify themselves as a victim.

London Borough of Redbridge

The trainers have both been honest and have taken me out of my comfort zone which has enabled me to look at and analyse how to deliver the Freedom Programme effectively. The trainers have built my confidence to be able to run the programme with examples of structure. Fantastic training. I enjoyed every moment.

Ealing Borough Council

This training has hugely increased my awareness, both professionally and personally. The resources are really useful to use, and the training brings the book alive. Thank you, Clare & Cathy. Your training skills, knowledge and experience are invaluable. It has been a pleasure to attend your Freedom Programme training.

Houghton Regis

An excellent course! It has been an emotive and reflective journey. The knowledge I have gained will be essential to my role in the community. The trainers guided discussion within the groups, provided experiences and sharing knowledge and practice with the whole group.


I would recommend this training to everyone especially women and mostly to my daughter, so that she grows up knowing when she is older what a good relationship looks like. Thank you to the trainers who offered clarity, experience, confidence and understanding and the others attending the course. Amazing people.

Suffolk County CouncilIpswich

The Freedom Programme training has widened my knowledge and built my confidence.

Hounslow CouncilHounslow

Fabulous experience! The trainers offered their experience and anecdotes to illustrate the learning and I have a much better understanding on how to deliver the Freedom Programme to victims and survivors of domestic abuse.


Great course! I am excited to be able to deliver this programme.

Your SanctuarySurrey

I have done quite a few intensive trainings before regarding domestic abuse. However this is a unique training programme which gives victims the knowledge to understand the persona of a dominator which is a great place to start when helping a victim.

Slough Borough CouncilSlough

The training has given me a much greater insight into different forms of abuse. The trainers shared their knowledge and effectively gave us good understanding on seeing, feeling and recognising exactly how a dominator works and the impact on victims and children.


The trainers offered humour, knowledge and lots of clear examples giving a clear understanding of different forms of abuse.

Chalkhill SchoolBrent

It was an emotionally challenging training at times, but so good to hear the experiences and insights of others in the groups work. There was lots of guidance and clear instruction from the trainers.

The Rise TrustNorth Wiltshire

The training has been brilliant. There was a perfect balance of knowledge on the subject and I have learnt more than I thought I would. Cathy has a passion for the course content making her a great person to learn from. Thank you!


VolunteerDaisy ProgrammeNorfolk

This training was energizing! It was informative, fun, thought provoking, well managed and extremely well presented. Cathy has a wealth of knowledge, created a relaxed environment in which to learn from informed discussions – just perfect!


VolunteerCompassion Suffolk

Cathy was very passionate about domestic abuse and working with victims/survivors. She made this training fun. She explained things really well and I have lots to take away in terms of engaging our service users.


VolunteerDaisy Programme Norfolk

Cathy is a brilliant trainer – knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I have learned so much which will be helpful to me in my work.



Women’s Support WorkerBSE RefugeSuffolk

Cathy had lots of knowledge relevant to the topics we were learning about. She was always re-affirming what we had learned and had a non-judemental approach. I have gained so much about how to deliver this programme to our women.


VolunteerDaisy Programme Norfolk

The Freedom Programme absolutely hits the nail on the head with regards to domestic abuse. It helps unite victims/survivors, helping them to understand the insidious nature of perpetrator behavior. Professionals and victims alike should all be offered this course. Just brilliant.


VolunteerDaisy ProgrammeNorfolk

I have a much more in-depth understanding of the dominator’s beliefs and how this fits in with the wider societal beliefs. Cathy was very welcoming, approachable, friendly and very knowledgeable!


Support WorkerPheonix FuturesLondon

A good informative training with humour and reality. I feel able to help educate others.


Women’s WorkerOrmiston MPowerNorwich

A very interesting and well deilvered training. Cathy offered lots of knowledge and explanations to a varied group accomodating differing learning styles.

Family Support PractitionerSuffolk County CouncilIpswich

This training has opened my eyes to a new and updated way to deliver the Freedom Programme. It was informative with lively discussions and FUN!


Domestic Abuse WorkerBury St Edmunds RefugeSuffolk

This was a very relaxed training which massively impacted my awareness of domestic abuse. I enjoyed the three days very much!

Family Support PractitionerSuffolk County CouncilForest Heath Children's Centre

Cathy made a difficult subject less daunting and was an excellent role model for how to run the course for women.

Family Support PractitionerSuffolk County CouncilCartwheels Children's Centre, Haverhill

The training is really eye-opening. To be completely honest I hadn’t the greatest view of the Freedom Programme, believing it was men hating and negative. I WAS SOOOO WRONG!!! I will return to my service and book on all my colleagues!


Drop-in Facilitator

Although it is intense, it is so informative you can take it. Its an amazing 3 days. I felt welcomed and comfortable with everyone there. The facilitators are fantastic, funny and full of golden knowledge. Thank you all so much.



Very informative, great facilitators, insightful, heavy going at times, very worthwhile.


Education Welfare Officer

Go on the training! Not just for the women and families you work with, but for you. Its so empowering!



Fantastic insight into domestic abuse and training. Cant wait to role out the programme!


Family Support Worker

The 3 day training was very hard, but extremely informative. It covered all areas of domestic abuse and overall I feel more prepared to support the families I work with



Family Support Worker

Very informative and helpful training. I now know I can do my work more effectively. The facilitators very so helpful and clear with delivery and instructions. I would encourage everyone to come on this training!


BAMER Worker

This is the best training you can go on to be able to educate women about DA and to be able to deliver The Freedom Programme. It changes womens lives and saves womens lives- it saved and changed my life!


Unite Union Rep

It is an insightful course and whether or not youre a survivor of DA, there is a lot to learn about relationships. Gives you better knowledge for filling out DASH forms.


Strengthening Families Worker

Amazing training. Well put together programme, informative and educational. I feel empowered with knowledge and ready to get it out there and into practice.


Support Worker

Empowering, challenging, inspiring, information packed and fun. Wonderful to meet so many women who want to make a difference. Friendly and knowledgeable trainers.



This training will really help me explain further to the women I work with that the abuse is categorically not their fault, and there was nothing they could have done to prevent it. I can inform them of the tactics, and give them the best chance possible to live an abuse free life. Thank you


Domestic Abuse Outreach Worker

The training is inspiring and intense and absolutely worth doing. You will learn a lot about yourself and those who you work with



Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator

The course is quite intensive at times and you need some self-care through the three days. I can testify that it is absolutely worth it! The training gives an excellent insight into DA and explains something that seems inexplicable! I really enjoyed the learning.



Domestic Abuse Practitioner

I have gained knowledge and understanding on how to deliver the Freedom Programme. It was enjoyable and dare I say fun at parts! I had a great experience with the two fantastic facilitators! Thank you for this opportunity.


The training is educational, inspiring and empowering. It gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your life’s experience and how you feel in correlation. Thank you!


Senior Domestic Abuse Social WorkerDerby

The training gives you the chance to learn and gain insight into the complexities of DA in a focused and interactive way. You will learn a lot in a relatively short amount of time. Its intense, but thought provoking and will give you tools to run your own programme


Outreach WorkerDerby

It was absolutely amazing, very empowering! My passion grew even more! I would recommend everyone does it. I feel so ready to help others – I can’t thank you enough.

Student Social WorkerDerby

This training was a wonderfully informative and intense experience. I’m inspired and excited to have taken part. It gives me hope to know that so many people will be taking this training and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable women.



This has been the best training experience I have attended in 30 years of working in the prison service. Trainers were excellent. Their presentation skills made sure everyone was included.

HMPSPrison Centre, Maidstone, Kent

I gained a lot of knowledge and insight from attending this training. The style and delivery was confident, with humour in appropriate places. Extensive knowledge was displayed in relation to the subject matter. Great, great trainers.   


Children’s Centre South Greenwich, London

The subject was hard but hope shone through. Facilitator’s were knowledgeable and experienced, welcomed questions in a supportive manner. 


Social WorkerHigh Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

A highly beneficial course that had me more determined to run the course.   

Children’s Centre, South Greenwich, London

Excellent training. Would recommend to anyone working in social care. 

Social WorkerLondon Borough of SouthwarkCommunity/Children’s Centre, Southwark, London

Very informative and knowledgeable trainers. Able to provide depth to each session and answer questions. Children’s Centre, Redbridge

Family Support WorkerLondon Borough of RedbridgeChildren’s Centre, Redbridge

One of the best courses I have attended since 2007. The way it has been run, the atmosphere, knowledge & inclusivity of the trainer’s and attendees made it a fantastic course. Looking forward to promoting and running the course.               

Prison ServiceKent

The Freedom Programme training has empowered me to take proper action to my abusive ex-husband! I will always be grateful. By adding examples, experiences, elaborating on texts to make it a much more relevant & accessible course where the facilitators enable me to digest the information well. 

Women’s Prison & Homeless ProjectWakefield

This training has made me understand more around this emotive subject. I’m looking forward to running the programme and spreading the word.

Family Support PractitionerEssex County CouncilChildren’s/Family Centre, Harwich

The Freedom Programme has been instrumental in helping me break away from an abusive partner, and this facilitator course has given me great insight into how I will be able to assist other victims/survivors to do the same. Expert knowledge of facilitators and examples on context. Lots of open discussion that was supporting and challenging of perspectives, which was good.



Bournemouth, Dorset

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