Types of Counselling

Online & Telephone Sessions: During this period of COVID19 all sessions are being offered online using whichever platform works best for the client. Alternatively telephone sessions are also an option. Cathy will support you to determine the best option mindful of your individual personal circumstances.

Face to Face: For individuals, couples, families and organisations. I work with children, teenagers and adults.

Walk & Talk: Ideal for those people who find it difficult to talk in the therapy room. It has long been understood that being out in the open air can improve ones psychological and mental well-being and that in the act of physically moving the body’s physiologocal response is to release endorphins which inevitably enable us to experience ourselves differently. Using this approach will be discussed during the first session or at such a time as my be deemed useful during the therapeutic process.

Cathy specialises in working with clients who face difficulty within relationships, with either partners, children, friends or colleagues and more particularly where they experience control, coercion, bullying, intimidation and trauma within that relationship.